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Goodwood, Millswood, Forestville, Black Forest and Clarence Park residents have had a gutful of being shafted by DPTI. That is the common view of residents and, as can be seen by a number of my recent blog posts, by me.

I ruefully predicted before the various rail projects happening in our back yard that the problems we had experienced with communication with DPTI back then would pale into insignificance once the project commenced. I just smelt that we would have issue after issue, although I did not realise it would be a daily event which is what it has become. And it seems to be escalating.

If I am dumb enough to run for council again in 18 months from now I pray there are no significant DPTI projects to happen during my term.

I am sorry to all my readers but I feel I need to make another prediction and I pray I am wrong for all the users of Leader Street and Victoria Street.

The State Government is broke and so too are the Feds we are being constantly told. Two labour governments that have spent up big. There is no more cash in the kitty we are told.

We also have a federal election this year and in 51 weeks from now a state election. Based on opinion polls we can expect two changes of government. In other words the Libs will take over and they are usually quite (what is the word) frugal.

Of course even if labor get back in will they be able to afford the overpass (or is to be an underpass) over or under Leader Street. If that project does not happen then what will happen to traffic on Leader Street.

We are told that the Seaford train will run every 12 minutes. That is each way so by my calculations that is a train passing Leader Street every 6 minutes. Add the Brighton, Tonsley and Belair trains and that is a lot of traffic. Oh. And lets not forget the freight trains; they are going to be longer and more frequent.

That is a recipe for suggesting that the gates at Leader Street being down more than up. What then.

My best guess. Traffic will go down the narrower, more residentially focused route of Victoria Street.

Of course..why panic…it…Leader Street…will be built. Cant include it now because there is not enough money?