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Andrew Faulkner is way off in this week’s Eastern Courier entitled “Paying the Price for Grand Plans”.

Whilst there is every possibility that the projects that we might propose after master planning may not occur due in the main as he indicates to a lack of funding to not plan is a dereliction of duty on our part.
What is the worst thing that could happen if we do this plan. It does not go ahead. What would happen if we don’t plan. The same. There always remains a chance that something may happen if we do plan.
He states in his article “Clearly they (councils) have missed that the State Government is all but broke and the Abbott administration is taking austerity”. And your point is Mr Faulkner?
The simple fact is if we don’t master plan and have concepts ready for when funding is available we miss out. And it is not unreasonable to expect a bucket load of cash may suddenly appear on the table within 3 years when the Feds go to an election and within 4 years when the Sate likewise goes to the polls.
Mr Faulkner please get off the have a crack at Local Government band wagon and offer something more constructive.
Having said that I wait with anticipation whether we actually do get something happen at both Goodwood Oval and Millswood sporting complex, one of the targets of his column where it is my belief that some funding will be available from more than one of the clubs involved. And when Governments see this they are more disposed when seeking to fund this sort of activity to jump in on this project, rather than be the sole contributor.
As always …. watch this space.