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The Lord Mayor has called together the mayors of the inner suburban councils to fight Minister Rau’s changes to Planning Approvals in this state. Interestingly only one of the “angry” Mayors presented to the ERD Court (as I reported recently). That was our very own Mayor Clyne. 

Of course the Lord Mayor was out of town when the opportunity was provided to speak to it. And one has a conflict of interest in that he (Mayor David O’Loughlin of Prospect) is the Labor candidate for the upcoming election in the seat of Adelaide.

The link below is an articles in today’s free electronic news In Daily concerning the arbitrary decision by Planning Minister John Rau to cut Councils out of part of the planning approval process.

The Weatherill State Government promised to stop the previous Rann Governments approach of “decide and defend”. What the Planning Minister has done is an example that the Leopard has not changed it’s spots.

And as I recently posted he (Minister Rau) has made this arbitrary decision whilst his Expert panel considers recommendations for changes to the Planning system that operates in this state.

And you the resident of Unley (or other inner city council) should be concerned. Why? Because you will not get a say about the developments that have been taken away from council. With Council you got a say and maybe that is the problem.

Maybe the Government does not want you to have a say. Maybe it is your fault that the Planning system is apparently broke. Shame on you if that is the case.

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