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A question was recently raised by a concerned resident of Black Forest about the safety of the trees along the tram rail corridor now that we are encouraging car parking along the street.

At the time of the request Jennie & I were of the belief that an assessment of the trees had been made at the commencement of the project to upgrade Aroha Terrace. We weren’t sure however.

We can now report that an assessment was made back then. Our arborists have also assessed the trees again as a result of the concern expressed to us.

This assessment has concluded that the risk is no more elevated than previous to the commencement of the project.

The assessment then was that no significant or long-term effects upon the trees are likely to be felt for a variety of reasons, including the ability of the species type to withstand root disturbance, the health and performance of the trees, the conditions in which they have thus far thrived, and their continuing water source including the areas north of the trees (rail transport corridor).

This is good news.

Of course there is always A risk with trees.

We will continue therefore to monitor the health and performance of the trees.