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Council’s focus for economic prosperity, for some time now, has been focused on our 4 main street associations.

Goodwood Road, King William Road, Unley Road and Fullarton Road South. But, is this focus too narrow.

They are, let’s face it, the face of our economic prosperity. As important a contributor to the prosperity of your neighbourhood as they are, there are a whole lot more also contributing.

economic prosperity

While it is important to continue to support those Trader Associations, it is as important to support other precincts. Important also to provide assistance (as I have always promoted) to our home-based businesses. Likewise new start-ups etc.

Our Economic Development Strategy is long overdue for an overhaul. For too long it has not recognised many contributors to our local economy. Something I have been pushing for us to address, and for quite a while.

A draft economic development plan 2021-25 was caressed into shape by a committee of which I was a member. Council subsequently endorsed it back in February, for the purpose of public consultation.  A committee I referred to in a blog post last September. We were assisted by the South Australian Centre for Economic Studies.

We are seeking your input if you have an interest in the economic prosperity of your neighbourhood.

Easter is always a good time for business owners to sit back, rest, smell the roses and plan ahead. May I suggest it is a good time also to review Council’s thoughts on economic prosperity? And maybe contribute to the new strategy?

The strategy can be found on our website here. Find out how to contribute on our Your Say web page here.

The draft will be represented to Council once your input has been collated. The endorsed strategy will then drive our actions of support for the next four years.