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Concerns expressed earlier this year by a resident near Aroha Terrace are close to resolution.

This resident correctly identified a number of trees along the tram corridor were looking structurally unsound. This prompted our staff to review all the trees along Aroha Terrace.
A  number of trees were found, after an arborist assessment, to be suspect. Residents in this street were then asked for their observations before proceeding further.
As two of the trees were classified as Regulated or Significant Trees they had to be approved for removal via a Development approval. This went before our Development Assessment Panel this week as there were unresolved representations against removal.
I am a member of our Development Assessment Panel. As the local elected member, who was involved in the process of assessment and who has a commercial relationship with one of the respondents, I did not participate as I declared I had a conflict of interest.
The panel approved removal of the two trees in question, conditional on the trees be replaced by the planting of 5 new mature trees within 12 months.The attached DAP minutes refer