Unley Mayor endorsed by Liberals as Badcoe battle lines have been drawn.

The Badcoe battle lines have been drawn with an announcement today. Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne has been endorsed as the Liberal candidate for next year’s State Elections.

It has been a long time coming, with Lachlan having announced his candidacy early last year.

With this announcment the Badcoe battle lines have been drawn in what may prove to be a litmus test in the March 2018 State Election.

While the Xenophon team, the Greens, and possibly Pauline Hanson and/or others are yet to announce candidates the battle lines have been drawn. One would expect the winner to be from either Lachlan or from Labor endorsed candidate, Jayne Stinson. Jayne was endorsed last month by the Labor Party.

Both are well known to the local community. Lachlan misses out narrowly on his house being within the seat’s boundaries. Not so Jayne, who is a Forestville resident. That said Lachlan grew up in Council’s Clarence Park Ward. Only a stones throw from Goodwood Oval (or a stone and halfs throw.

Let the battle begin.              Stinson v Clyne

Both candidates are high quality and are well known to the residents of Badcoe.

While the personality Badcoe battle lines have been drawn I am keen to ensure that the election is a winner for us. I will be looking to what the residents of both the Clarence Park (and Goodwood Wards) of the City of Unley gain from the ensuing battle. In other words I am looking to redraw the battle lines by lobbying both candidates on key local issues.

I have already spoken with Jayne, having a coffee with her earlier this week. In Lachlan and my dual roles as representatives for the City of Unley we obviously have had conversations too.

During the election period I will identify the major initiatives I am lobbying for. I will be asking you to join the campaign so that both candidates know what we are after in considering which one to vote for. To do this please watch this blog for more news.



  1. Cr Bob Schnell   •  

    Don, you should be a political commentator.
    I stand by my earlier commentary on the seat of Badcoe.
    I look forward to your updates on what commitments we can extract from the candidates. The reality is that the Party, Labor/Liberal must also commit to deliver the commitments and promises of their candidates.
    Life at Unley Council may become ‘interesting’.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      Thank you for the compliment Bob. Rest assured the commentary will continue.

      Good to see you are looking forward to it (the election that is).

  2. Michael   •  

    Hi Don
    Does this mean we are going to have an election for Mayor now?

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      That is a call for the Mayor as to if and when he may resign. The Local Government Act only requires that an elected member of council if and when elected to another level of government, not because they are a candidate.

      Recently we have seen the Mayor of Prospect (labor), Mayor of Playford (liberal) and the Mayor of Port Adelaide-Enfield (independent labor) all run for a state seat and not resign.

  3. Monica   •  

    How do preselections work in these political parties? Was Lachlan Clyne just endorsed as you say or was he elected by the members of the branch?

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      I am far from conversant Monica with the internal working of either of the major parties (actually any of them). My understanding from media watching is that the party has branches as you indicate and they do in fact vote in an internal election.

      The successful candidate is then endorsed. The word endorsed I understand to mean a public acknowledge that this is the person they put forward to represent them in the public election.

      Hope that makes sense.

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