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The upgrade of the Princess Margaret Playground has been completed and my family celebrated with a baptism party. The upgrade includes the installation of a BBQ which was an election promise I have pursued.

The playground is one of the smallest in the wider metropolitan area of Adelaide but is is one of the most used. Tucked away from main roads this playground is the envy of most. And yet, as with all things today, it needed upgrading.
With our greater understanding of safety issues, the needs of children, and with improved product technology, playgrounds around the world have been undergoing change. princess Margaret has joined this change and the end result is it looks great.
I am pleased to report that, as part of the upgrade process, we have been able to provide the BBQ facilities that I have championed since asked during the election campaign in 2010 to pursue.
My own family had the privilege of taking advantage of the upgrade as we celebrated our youngest grand daughter’s baptism today.

Mum & Ivy (baptised today)

Sister Zeva using the equipment

The playground has more work to finish it however. The heritage listed arbour needs restoring and this will occur shortly.  And I noticed today we already have some maintenance to do. The entrance gate is no self latching right now. That clearly needs fixing and there is some broken beer bottle glass that needs removing.