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Unley residents are invited to collect a specially labelled “Good Neighbour Day” jar and place a gift inside to give to one of their neighbours.


These jars will be available for collection from all community centres and libraries within the City of Unley from Monday 23 March 2015.  The aim of the project is to encourage positive interaction and connection between neighbours.

We (Council) will also be launching a Neighbour Day social media campaign next week promoting Neighbour Day and the importance of connection.  For residents of Clarence Park Ward this means a trip down to the Clarence Park Community Centre adjacent the Clarence park Rail Station on East Avenue or maybe don to the Goodwood Library.

We will encourage you to take a photo of your jars, or gifting your jars, and place this on Instagram #neighbour day #unley or Facebook

Neighbour Day is an annual celebration which reminds us of the value of living within a supportive and welcoming community.

We would appreciate your support in promoting this project and encouraging residents to get involved.

If you have not spoken to your neighbour in a while this is your big chance. And how about letting us know by replying to this blog post what you are doing to make your neighbour feel good about living in the City of Unley.