What is the best use of the Forestville Hockey Field after they leave?

Residents around the Goodwood Oval will be aware of the pending move of the Forestville Hockey Club away from the Forestville Hockey Field at Goodwood Oval. Others, not so close to the Oval, may not.


The Club is set to move to the Women’s Memorial Playing Fields at Ayliffes Road, St Mary’s. For those not aware, they were recipients of the big spend by the previous Government during the recent State Elections.

Rather than wait for the shift from the Hockey Field to occur I believe we should start talking now about how we might use the field when they shift. Now is the time for our community to have a deep and meaningful conversation. A conversation that will allow a seamless move from the old use to the new.

Jennie moved a motion at the February Council meeting that I seconded to to allow for a public consultation to be included in next year’s budget. You don’t have to wait until then however to participate in the conversation.

Goodwood Saints LogoI say that because the Cricket Club has already communicated a desire to use the Hockey Field for junior sport. The Football Club will no doubt see a similar opportunity.

Unley United Soccer Club, who train on the Hockey Field during winter, may also see an opportunity. Tennis SA likewise may see an opportunity to extend their courts to provide deeper backdrops. Discussions I have had with them suggest otherwise but?

Hmmmmm! Any incursion by the clubs may not necessarily be a bad thing however. It may open the main oval up for the general public.

Jennie & I would love to hear from everyone who wishes to participate in the conversation from as early as now. We don’t need to wait on our administration to gear up for consultation to commence talking.

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  1. Gail Stead   •  

    As our population is aging and we have already a tennis court football oval and cricket and a playground my suggestion would be to have something set aside for BBQ facilities or even GENetically suitable outside gym equipment that is also well lighted to be used at all hours of the day, not like the ones they have put into page park that rarely gets used.something maybe for all generations but specifically like the ones that used to be in forestville near the the pool that was upgraded for the super fit, before we to use the equipment all the time and constantly saw other’s use it not so now or maybe a community garden and meeting place for all to benefit from like they do constantly in Melbourne and other states

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