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Jennie & I have had a briefing on the results of the recent Black Forest LATM survey. 

The overall speed and volumes measured during the survey period have been viewed from a raid traffic engineer’s point of view as acceptable. There is therefore no pressing need for any speed control restrictions or awareness of addressing volumes.

Some specific Issues were identified and will be looked at in the report we will receive in due course.
Responses on the Byron Road speed control devices showed 4 different types of measures being nominated and a roundabout at Gordon Road for was proposed discussion.
The Canterbury Terrace bend from Byron Rd, where it interfaces with Greenways project was another area identified as requiring a solution, recommending extending the no parking restriction.
The survey indicated a wish for no change to parking restrictions to Aroha Tce, Emerson Road, Grey Street and Selkirk.
Leah Street concerns regarding the recently installed speed cushions were also identified will be acknowledged in the final report.
Our traffic engineers will complete a report with recommendations. Jennie & I have stressed that we are expecting on going consultation with you, before presenting to council for consideration and implementation.

As part of this process the interface with the Greenways bike path, and its impact on the east end of Canterbury Terrace will be considered. The replacement of trees in Canterbury and Parker will also be considered, along with the re-vegetation along the rail corridor will be considered for a holistic solution.