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An election issue raised as I pounded the streets in October of 2010 is now on the books.

I am happy to report that a Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) survey is about to commence in Black Forest. Looking at traffic safety in this area was raised by a number of residents and it became one of my election platforms.

At last months council meeting the LATM was approved to proceeed iun this years budget.

Our road safety committee meeting, which I attended as a spectator, discussed it last night and all is ready to proceed. Our Road Safety Committee wisely have determined that while we proceed with this survey that it would be prudent to delay construction of the East Avenue Pedestrian Refuge (refer previous posts this year on this one). Whilst I was looking forward to seeing this proceed it makes sense to delay it just in case the LATM reveals reasons to reconsider where it is most needed.

Amongst issues identfied that need to be investigated include school traffic generated in side/suburban streets as a result of the construction of the South Road/Anzac Highway underpass and the Tram Overpass. Also to be looked at will be the concerns experienced with the speed reduction strategy in Byron Road.

With the State Government’s Rail Electrification project set to commence in January of next year it would be prudent to have the survey completed by the end of this year. It is envisaged that will have a number of street meetings and that we might form a working party including resident representatives to work through the information gleaned from those meetings.

When I know more about when those meetings will be I will post appropriately.

By the way….on the East Avenue Refuge. Once it becomes apparent where is the best location for the refuge it is likely we will proceed with it because it is in our budget.