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The relationships down Millswood way with DPTI are not all bad.

Friday night as I walked down to the Unley Pool to see how the “spreading the love” presentation was going I had cause to see evidence of some love rather than hate on my way.

Had a chance to talk to some residents about how the preliminary works are going with the Junction and the reports were all good. The general consensus was that the workers were doing their best to be of as little inconvenience as possible and the noise levels during construction were minimal.

This is great news.

Even better a couple in that little neck of the woods had planned to get married (at home) in the very near future. This was planned before finding out about the works and traffic deviations etc. Great news is they spoke to Michelle at DPTI and the Department is going to facilitate the event by having extra staff on hand on traffic management to ensure the wedding goes off without interference.

This is great news.

Maybe the press should be there to cover this one??! Might walk past myself.