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It has been a long time coming (since 2006). Monday Night is a big night on Council as we look to decide whether or not to support the 80% of the stormwater project that most believe can be delivered without the dam/no dam question being entertained.

Council is being asked to consider approving all but those works on the Brownhill Creeek, Keswick Creek Stormwater project that is not affected by whether or not the dam is included.

This may seem like an essentially easy thing after all the water that has flowed under the bridge. It may well be but I want to be absolutely sure that the feasibility of options 3 and 3A are not compromised by the need to proceed now with the Goodwood Junction Project (see separate post) before work is done on proving that either option IS indeed feasible.

In order for the Goodwood Junction Project to proceed as planned, from January next year, the location of culverts under the line needs to be determined. How this can be achieved when the necessary detail design of the Brownhill Creeek stormwater culverts will not be done until next year escapes me.

Indeed, for the NO DAM proponents they may find they are locked in to a particular concept when the culverts meet the Junction. If detail design suggest this is inappropriate then what, the under rail culverts will already be in place.