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Paul Ashenden writing for the Eastern Courier last week says one thing he would love to see in 2014 is the end to flood plan saga. Me too!

While we may agree I wonder if he has an appreciation as to why it has taken this long. Getting to the point where the project can commence has been a long drawn out process. But then so are most council initiatives I have learnt in my time on Council.
It commenced long before I stated on Council and picked up pace during my time. Irrespective of that however it has gone slowly, taking 12 months to determine the feasibility of the use of culverts in order to address the concerns of a state wide petition against damming any area up in Brownhill Creek.
As a regular reader of my posts would be aware of the problems we have faced trying to move it forward to a point of decision. You would also be aware that we have now more information and better quality information that may allow us to get to the magic point of getting work done on the ground.

Indeed I have advanced where we are now in two posts, just yesterday and Saturday.
He has raised good points though.
Interestingly one of the biggest critics of the Councils trying to negotiate our own self-interest is the Sate Government, who with their Federal counterparts, have yet to commit the funding they have verbally promised.
As I have indicated in recent posts I believe we may be close to being able to go out to the public, so that may all just be ancient history.
That is not to say that after public consultation that the 5 Councils will come to an agreement.
Pauls says in his article
But surely the time has come for resolution. The people living in the 7000 at-risk homes deserve it.

So maybe the State Government needs to show some leadership rather than throw stones. Of course we may have a new one in 9 weeks’ time. Interesting times ahead.