Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

The work on the feasibility of the Brownhill Creek & Keswick Creek Stormwater Management project reached two milestones this week.

Firstly the affected councils will be asked at their various upcoming meetings to consider moving forward on the 80% of the project we all agree on. This must be viewed by all, no matter which side of the fence on the various political issues they may sit.

Next we at Unley have received a briefing from the engineers engaged on the project on the feasibility of the options being promulgated to avoid the use of a dam in Brownhill Creek. There is some heavy reading and I repeat my observations in my post on March 24 that for all those who new the answers back then the facts required to make a decision simply were not available.

The good thing is we are moving demonstrably forward. Watch this space for updates.