Brownhill Creek Owners Apathy

Council has been briefed on the public consultation for Brownhill Creek. It (the consultation) has thrown up some interesting observations.


The consultation and the reporting back from our consultant Natalie Fuller was split into two. Natalie has differentiated between those who received an invitation to the consultation and those who did not receive an invitation but who chose of their own volition to participate.

The most notable was what appears to be an apathy on the part of the creek owners. Only half of them responded to the survey and that after the project and our consultant Natalie Fuller followed up on them to make sure they did not miss out.

Lets face it the creek owners are those most affected by Option D, the projects preferred option.

As I study the survey results provided by Natalie Fuller I found a umber of interesting  observations. Half this group did not provide comment on a preference  and the other half were split 50/50 on Option D or an Option B.

I must say I would have thought we would have had a greater response from this group of people. Is this evidence of a Brownhill Creek Owners Apathy

Could it be that they do not support those of their neighbours who have fought a fight against the yards being carved up in order to save a dam being built? Could it be that they have been frustrated by what they see as the non stop consultation over the last 12 months and are consulted out?

Could it be that those who are going to be inconvenienced no matter what option proceeds figure there is no point in participating? 29 properties will be impacted under Option B1 and 22 under Option B2. 66 will be impacted under Option D.

I don’t know that we will ever be able to ask these questions.

What we can say is in not contributing these people cannot reasonably complain once a decision is made and work finally gets under way…… 10 years or so.



  1. Trevin   •  

    Don. Area 1 is in the Part A works, not Part B.
    There are 56 properties in the Part B area that will require easements under the Part B works, 21 under Option B! and 14 under Option B2. Part B has by far the biggest impact from easements.
    Most properties will be impacted by the Part B works either through works for “Capacity Upgrade” or “Creek Rehabilitation”.
    Unley residents involved in easements in the Part B works are 26 under Option D, 11 for B1 and 4 for B2. A massive difference between Options D and B2.
    The extent of the impact of works on each property will vary, however the actual extent of works required to each property has not been able to be clearly understood by residents as The Project itself says it is not able to provide specific details of the works actually required to each property. Affected residents, including those “only” affected by “creek Rehabilitation” have expressed their opinion in the consultation without being aware of the extent of the impact on them of Option D.
    Option B2 is obviously the most effective and provides the least community impact of the options.

    • Don Palmer   •     Author

      Sorry but you have that wrong Trevin. Area 1 actually is the area between Anzac Highway through Forestville reserve to the Goodwood Junction (the culvert through the rail grade separation on Victoria Street) and that is clearly in the part B works, including the area known as Wilberforce walk. It includes from memory 1 or 2 significant trees that project have confirmed will be saved.

      Part A works is all the creek west of Anzac Highway down to the coast. It is indeed that section of creek that is in the West Torrens Council.

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