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Surprise, Surprise, Surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say; advice from our CEO on Monday night indicated that the Brownhill technical report will not be available in July. The Steering group is not ready to release it yet.

The Steering group also appear to be following Unley logic and will likely be suggesting a 6 week consultation not the 3 weeks that Mitcham want and the statutes allow. It will be touch an go therefore as to whether or not it can be addressed at our August full council meeting. If it cant then we could see a special meeting convened.

This means we will barely have enough time before going into caretaker mode to digest it and we will only address how and when the technical report and recommendations go out for public consultation.

Whether or not the report addresses how a dam will impact on the other solutions remains to be seen. I, and am sure the majority of Unley Councilors, will not be impressed if it doesn’t.

All options on the table thanks or it is a waste of time going out to the public.

As always with this issue ……. watch this space!