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After some 12 months of work by the joint 5 council storm water team, undertaken to find alternatives to the controversial dam up in Brownhill Creek options, a report to Council and the public is just around the corner.

Council will be presented with a report at our next council meeting that will advise the options available to solve the flood mitigation concerns thrown at the Councils by the State Government. This will be a public document and will be available as soon as elected members receive their copies of the agenda of the meeting.
The Council meeting will be Monday week, the 25th November. 
So if you have an interest in this project with look out for councils agenda to appear on our web site the Wednesday or Thursday prior. A link to full council agendas can be found on the right hand side of the home page.
It is expected that the report will not make recommendations, nor will we be required to make any decisions. It will be no more than a heads up as to the options being investigated with I believe a target of providing the completed feasibility studies to each of the councils of January or February next year.
We may also find out when the public consultation will be planned for.