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Residents along Bryon Road have picked up on the announcement in the recent Goodwood South newsletter distributed by my co-councillor Jennie Boisvert and I recently indicting we have sought funding for a traffic study in the Bryon Road precinct of Black Forest. Jennie was handed a petition over the weekend which she presented at last night’s Council meeting.

There is 100% rejection of the method used by Council to solve speeding vehicles on this road.

This is not news to Jennie & I as we learnt from a number of Byron Road residents during the election campaign that all was not well on Byron Road. It was this information that prompted us to seek funding for a new traffic survey in this precinct.

Thanks to all those who took the trouble to advise their concerns during the election last November.

The petition is clear and gives both your elected members the reassurance they need to pursue a solution.

I look forward to meeting with not only Bryon Road residents but others in adjacent streets who indicated concerns since accessing the local school has been compromised by the recent under and over passes on South Road.