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While we await our administrations efforts to provide options for two way vehicular access fear is emanating in and around Canterbury Terrace that they may not see their trees being replaced.

It appears there is a belief out there, and I have heard it from at least 5 residents now, that council has made a decision to abandon tree replacement to allow 2 way car traffic and that we are avoiding letting our residents know; to be less than transparent as it where.

Let me assure everyone that this is NOT the case.

Yes, council is responding to an overwhelming call to ensure two way traffic. Clearly residents in streets other than Canterbury Terrace stand the chance of having extra traffic down their street. It is only fair and reasonable that we respond to this concern. The concern was expressed in force to council after a local resident not living in this street galvanised support and it would be fair to say that most who responded may well have done so without realizing that this might mean the loss of the trees.
My post on this blog site back on the 16th August indicated we (Council) were looking at additional options. This post clearly indicated an option provided to Jennie & I back then included replacing the trees.
What I did not indicate back then is that we have asked admin to look at an option for angled parking in Parker Terrace. We have yet to hear back from them and it may or may not prove a suitable option. Time will tell and if felt worthy of pursuing, this will extend the consultation because residents east of the line will need to be included in the next round of consultation.
So that everyone is on the same page the following is my understanding of the situation we are addressing. With the advent of extra bike traffic (and how much is not known) we will have a safety issue at the East avenue intersection.
It is as far as I can see a situation where we cannot have two directions of cars, bikes, parking and trees. The road simply is not wide enough to accommodate all these components. And that is based on the regulations managed by DPTI.
Bikes are a non negotiable. We cannot refuse to allow the bikes coming along the State Government built Greenways path between Emerson Station and Clarence Park Station. And neither would we want to.
So something else has to give. It will either be south bound car traffic, parking or trees. We could of course ignore safety and wait for an accident and then be criticized (rightfully) by all and sundry for not having done something.
Problem is, with all things council, it takes forever to make a decision, something I grapple with as a self employed small business owner used to making decisions. But it has to be this way, as we need to take on board the feelings and thoughts of those most affected and that (sorry to say) takes time. Yes transparency dictates the need to take this time, improving the chances of getting the decision right.
Please be assured no decisions have or will be made without further consultation.
Yes! unlike our recent experiences in Goodwood South where the State Government have paid (according to residents) lip service to consultation, we will keep you in the loop all the way and take on board what you say. 
It is why Local Government is just that, Local; and why it should be retained.