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Rail Electrification infrastructure at Emerson Station, if duplicated at Clarence Park is likely to test the most placid of resident along Canterbury Terrace, Black Forest and Parker Terrace, Clarence Park.

While Council is investigating ways to keep two way traffic in Canterbury Terrace and retain a tree scarped vista a new element could soon become apparent that will test the priorities that we as a community want in this area.

We all know the trees had to come down due to poor health and the vast majority of us agreed with this. Many in neighbouring streets have been horrified that we may be in a position where we might have to consider one way traffic at the east end of Canterbury Terrace. Many others are aware that to achieve this we may lose our trees.

I have blogged about this a few times.

Well this weekend I think I saw something that may (and I hope I am not being alarmist) that may add more angst to the argument of trees vs cars (or bikes or parking or whatever. I ventured down the bike path to Emerson Station this weekend and saw the electric infrastructure installed at this station.

I refrain here to pass judgement on the amenity of this structure, allowing all of you out there to make your own judgement. All I say is, if Clarence Park Station has the same destiny, a number of you will not be pleased, particularly if replanting trees needs to be cast aside to protect 2 way car traffic.

Happy to hear from all residents with a vested interest in this road, whether resident or local commuter.