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Unley Council yesterday afternoon held a public briefing session on the Canterbury Terrace redevelopment. By my count somewhere between 30 and 50 people turned up which was fantastic.

It is great to see so many people take an active interest in their neighbourhood.
A number of people sought clarification on the benefits AND the consequences of each option we are asking you to consider. This was refreshing for me as it means that there was an intent by many to look past their own self interest and at least understand what each option will mean to their neighbours in streets other than their own.
Well Done Guys!
A number of observations that were made from those I had the opportunity to speak with I appreciated. 
When all submissions have been received and collated by our staff it is my intention to read each and every submission. Whatever solution council ultimately decides on I want to make sure that all relevant consequences are understood; by residents and rate payers and councillors alike.
If you have yet to put your submission in please do so. The more input we get from those affected the greater the chance that we will get it right.
Before doing so please take the time to understand the consequences of each option, not just the benefits. As everyone I spoke to yesterday concurs there is a social cost for each of the options on the table.
I expect that our admin will have a report ready for council to consider maybe in February next year. If all works out we should have determined a preferred option and proceed with detailed design work for it (the preferred option).
That will hopefully provide us with your further input a project that can be costed ready for funding and hopefully proceeding.
PS   The wider traffic issues of Black Forest will be put to Council I believe in January when the results of the LATM are tabled.