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With Parkside Ward Councillor and heritage advocate Mike Hudson taking some time off comes the news that HISTORIC Greenhill Rd mansion Carramar House in Parkside is set to return to being used as a private residence.

The heritage-listed Federation-era home, which had been used as a mental health clinic until the government decided it was surplus to its needs, has sold to a private investor.

Friends of the City of Unley Society president Ros Islip was pleased the house, on 4174 m2 on the corner of George St, would be used as a home.

It is a property that came under notice earlier this year as Council prepared a submission to the Minister of our Heritage DPA. Developers were hovering ready t pounce if there was any hiccup in the listing.

I am sure the vast majority of the Unley population would be sharing Ros’s pleasure. 

Pity Mike is not around as I am sure he would have beaten me to the punch to blog on it.