Once Upon A Time – coffee style

Once upon a time, instead of going to the movies or watching TV, people would gather to listen to someone tell a story or recite a poem. This was a custom that celebrated the beauty of the spoken word and engaged the community. The City of Unley has brought the oral storytelling tradition back to life by presenting live poetry performances in local Cafés.

In the lead up to Double Shot Unley Coffee Fiesta, five local cafes will host performance poets working in their spaces for around two hours. Writing, reading, performing and chatting you can meet, listen to and drink with professional poets.
Then, join our poets at Double Shot on Sunday 16 March for more action!.
Full program to be announced. Watch this space.
Participating cafes are:
  • By Blackbird Coffee and Desert Cafe, Shop4, 100 King William Road, Hyde Park
  • Hyde Park Bakery, 1 Mitchell St, Hyde Park
  • Pellegrini Café, 169 Unley Road, Unley
  • Lunch Club, Unley Shopping Centre, Unley Road
  • Carnevale Coffee 114 East Avenue, Clarence Park
This project is an initiative of The City of Unley’s Where Business Meets Art project in conjunction with Friendly Street Poets and SA Writers Centre.
All enquiries please contact Matthew Ives [email protected]  83725134
View the photos from the 2011 Coffee, Tea & Poetry project.

Unley Gourmet Gala ‘Wheels Out’ the Ultimate Party Experience!

King William Road, renowned for its fashion and food, is set to come alive as one of the biggest celebrations on the Adelaide calendar, the Unley Gourmet Gala, kicks off at 4pm on Thursday 23 January.

 “This will be the 14th Gourmet Gala the Council has hosted and we expect 2014 to top last years’ attendance figures.” says Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne.
“We all look forward to the Unley Gourmet Gala as it is not only one of the biggest parties of the year but also the perfect springboard to showcase King William Road and surrounds. Last year we had a whopping 17,500 attendees and I wouldn’t be surprised if we topped that this year,” says Mayor Clyne.
“People descend on Unley from all corners of Adelaide and South Australia every year for this event and we are very proud to show off our wonderful Council area.”
Major features of the 2014 Unley Gourmet Gala include:
       Over thirty wine and gourmet food stalls
       Cooking demonstrations with celebrity chef Marion Grasby
       Unley Criterium – a series of rapid races around Unley streets
       Kids’ activities including performances from the Ticklish Allsorts, a designated Kids Zone and beach play area featuring cycle-themed children’s art activities.
       Parades on the Porsche Fashion Stage showcasing the best King William Road boutiques, and a special performance by Sally Cooper and Airlie Koo as Elektra Live
       Electrifying Brazilian dancers, the amazing Santos Super Cycles, live music, and DJs
The Gala is the perfect pre-race event for the Santos Tour Down Under Stage 4, set to kick off from King William Road on Friday 24 January at 11.30am, following the Bupa Challenge Tour at 6.30am.
For more information visit www.unley.sa.gov.au and follow us on Facebook (facebook/gourmetgala) and Twitter (#unleygala)

Unley Mainstreet Champion Matt Grant wins 2013 Individual ‘Outstanding Contribution’ Award

This is a copy of a press release from our management.

Business and Economic Development Manager for the City of Unley, Matt Grant was presented the Individual Outstanding Contribution Award at the Mainstreet SA 2013 Excellence Awards Dinner on Friday night.  Held at The Observatory in Hackney, the awards recognise, promote and celebrate great South Australian mainstreets.

Matt was acknowledged for his work in the Unley region, developing, implementing and delivering longer term visionary strategies for the local economy.  The Find Your Everything digital campaign, one of Matt’s most successful initiatives to date, has achieved a membership of more than 3 000 potential shoppers in only 10 months, with more than 32 000 direct clicks through to local businesses.
The award recognises Matt’s hard work to promote, support and lead local mainstreet programs and activity for the benefit of all.
“The City of Unley is delighted by Matt’s success in achieving quality outcomes for our local businesses” says Peter Tsokas, Unley’s Chief Executive Officer, “and it’s great to see his achievements recognised by his peers”.
Since commencing this role in 2009, Matt has displayed the ability to build meaningful relationships with local business, trade associations, property owners, developers and Council to achieve the best outcomes for Unley’s mainstreet communities.
Unley’s 5 mainstreet precincts include Goodwood Road, King William Road, Unley Road, Fullarton Road and Glen Osmond Road.

Unley to get share of the State Government’s Planning & Development Fund

The Deputy Premier & Minister for Planning, The Hon John Rau MP, has advised Council that it has been successful in obtaining two grants under their Planning & Development Fund.

The two grants will be made available as follows:

$ 50,000 towards the King William Road Masterplan.
$ 100,000 towards the Unley Central Masterplan.

He has advised the Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure will be contacting us shortly to arrange for the formalisation of the funding.

This is great news for Unley as we push forward with a vision to revitalise our city in preparing for the future needs of our community. Upgrading King William Road and Unley Central as seen as vital to this process.

Adelaide’s premier street shopping strip, King William Road, is struggling in the current economic climate, along with her other well know street shopping strips.

The area of the Unley shopping centre, the Memorial Gardens, Library and Civic Centre, St Augustine’s Church and surrounding streets forms the true centre of Unley, geographically, and culturally.  The city of villages revolve around this central village. It is essential that this area be governed by a development plan that maximises the strengths of Unley now with the need to accomodate the future.

In the months ahead we will be advancing these master plans and you will hear about it here, most particularly when community consultation is scheduled.

King William Road Positives

DPTI recently approved Unley’s application to reduce the speed limit along King William Road and an application to reverse a poor decision on our part to change the lights at Park/Mitchell Streets.

Council, as previously reported in this blog made application earlier this year to reduce the speed limit on King William Road between Park & Mitchell Streets in the south and Mary Street in the north. We received news this was approved this week by DPTI.

This should help make this shopping strip a much safer place for pedestrians and therefore a more enticing strip to shop at.

Also approved was the undoing of a mistake on the part of council to change the directional line markings at the corner of King William Road and Park, Mitchell Streets. As the elected member to first highlight this error I am gratified to see that the rectification is possible.

What I believe will happen is the east bound traffic will remain as is by consensus. In other words the east only traffic and east turning north traffic directional markings will remain the same.

The horror of west only traffic having to wait on west turning north traffic while the little used west turning south only lane is little used will be addressed. This means this traffic, which far exceeds in volume the turning south traffic, will no longer have to wait up to 4 turns of the lights in peak hour traffic because they are forced to wait behind those wanting to turn north.

Good to see that common sense has prevailed and the errors of local government are corrected.

Update on Park Terrace, Mitchell Street and King William Road

The debacle at this intersection caused by the changed line marking and directional arrows was again highlighted by me when I posed a series of questions prior to our last Council meeting on why we have to jump through hoops to get it changed back and how the change initially occurred.

One question remains unanswered and that is if we have to jump through so many hoops to get it changed back and we (elected members) are briefed on every little change to our road conditions how did the change that is get to be.

The biggest change to our road conditions is blatantly wrong according to my colleagues and I and we did not get to hear about it until it was done, let alone consulted over it. I dare say no resident or nearby trader was either.

Can’t wait for the answer.

Tour Close

Forget the medias focus on whether Lance Armstrong has admitted guilt over drug taking or not the main game is the Tour Down Under 2013 Vintage.

For those of you who missed it because of the Armstrong focus it all happens next week.

And Stage 3 will start once again in Unley, this time on Thursday next week at 11.00 am at the corner of King William Road and Mitchell/Park Streets. This leg will terminate in Stirling.

Whilst King William Road will be inundated with people on the day (get there early based on my experience) the night before will see the real festivities take place. The Unley Gourmet Gala.

One of Adelaide’s most prestigious events, the Unley Gourmet Gala is an exciting outdoor gourmet experience showcasing some of South Australia’s finest local food, wine, fashion, music and entertainment. 

This is one of if not the best night on the Unley calendar. Come along and experience the Unley showcase.

Investigation to commence on the Intersection of King William Road, Park &Mitchell Streets

In response the issue I raised last year and reported on in a post on this blog site on 29 November 2012 our management have confirmed they will be investigating the issues caused by recent changes to traffic direction imposed without our sanction.

In that post I highlighted the civil disobedience that has occurred since the traffic direction was changed.

The changes were prompted apparently to address concerns about accidents in the intersection. The changes of course have made no difference to traffic as drivers are disobeying the direction notices. This means that the changes can have no impact on reducing accidents.

By my own observations some drivers have started by obeying the direction signage but then frustrated by having to wait for multiple light changes and seeing others disobey, they too disobey. Others simply do not see the signage as it is concealed by other vehicles, meaning they disobey without being aware.

All in all a mess that must be cleaned up.

Strangely we are advised that DPTI cannot approve changes until results of a SIDRA Traffic Modelling program used to determine which outcomes offer the best traffic flow efficiency are available. This will require new data collection, and to ensure the validity of that data

Collection of that data of course will not take place until school has resumed. It would be a waste otherwise.

Seems like a whole waste of time to correct a wrong but Government is Government I guess. And quite frankly I don’t know how they are going to conduct this to obtain worthwile information on which to amke a decision.


Mass Disobedience at an east west divide in Unley

Some of my elected member colleagues have recognised an issue previously raised by me with mass disobedience occurring in defiance of a change in the traffic sequence at the junction of Park & Mitchell Streets with King William Road.

Back at the September meeting of Council I raised a concern with the change in traffic sequence at this intersection. The concern centred around vehicles turning left being given priority of vehicles travelling straight ahead —- east west.

This was seen by me as yet another stumbling block in the residents of this city recognising that the western section of this City actually is part of the City of Unley.

I was going to re-raise it at the meeting last Monday as I had no indication that it had been taken on board by our administration. I was beaten to the punch however by Cr Rob Sangster, whose ward the intersection resides.


Taking the opportunity to speak however I did convey the results of my own personal survey of how long it now takes for cars travelling west ….. 4 light sequences and 8 minutes, during which time all but yours truly broke the law and ignored the turn left only arrows in a climate where no-one was turning left.

                                                                                                                 After Change

Our CEO did indicate that the administration IS looking into it which is just a swell because since the meeting a number of elected members are entering the debate in support of changing back to what worked well before the unheralded change.

As I have just said to my colleagues…… travelling west and turning south is the least used manoeuvre and it should therefore not be given the highest priority which is what has occurred as a result of the change.

PS Thanks to Cr Salaman for the photos.

SALA Back in Unley in 2012

Unley will be one of the hosts (again) for the annual SALA event.

Subject to ratification at this months full council meeting road closures in an daround King William Road will be appoorved to allow this event to proceed.

The SALA Festival, which stands for South Australian Living Arts is a truly unique statewide celebration of the visual arts and it is absolutely free. For moer information refer this link.


Come along, you will enjoy it.

40KPH King William Road

Our Road Safety Committee also dealt with the 40 kph question in King William Road last night.They will be recommending to Council that the original scheme be considered.

In spite of the recommendation of DPTI that the complete length of King William Road by 40kph the committee has opted to recommend only the length between Park/Mitchell Streets (in the South) and Mary Street (in the North). This is also in accordance with our two public consultations on this question. Yes we again have gone out twice; due again to obtaining advice from DPTI that differs from what we consulted on.

The whole idea of having a 40 kph strip was to make for a pedestrian environment where they felt comfortable going from one shop to another, across the street.

This is not unlike the shopping centre at the Hub I highlighted in a previous blog, when responding to concerns by Bob Such MP.

YES! This provides us an opportunity to make this strip, the retail section of the road feel more like a pedestrian walk that allows cars, rather than a road that pedestrians fear crossing.

40KPH King William Road

After a wide public consultation with 162 of 621 people invited to respond, King William Road’s proposed 40kph speed limit is also ready to be considered by our Road Safety Committee next Wednesday.
With only 60 people supporting it and 102 not supporting it our Road Safety Committee has a challenging decision to make; whether to recommend  it to Council or not.
A previous public consultation (based on a shorter section of road being restricted to 40kph) received majority support, with 88 in support and 60 against. One might be led to believe that including Northgate Street and that southern end of King William Road is not accepted by our residents.
The trouble is this is the preferred option of the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.
Support appears to be there to have a 40kph between Mitchell/Park Streets in the South and Mary Street in the north. The question then is do we follow DPTI’s advice and continue it beyond those boundaries.
It will be interesting to see if our Road Safety Committee follows the advice of experts at DPTI or follow the feelings expressed by the public. Good luck guys; I will be watching with interest.
Either way Council are not bound by the committee’s recommendations, although history would suggest we usually do.

Bob Such still against 40kph

We all know from recent press Bob Such is against 40kph and in so doing he targeted the City of Unley policy of 40 kph.

He is persisting and has written to the Minister of Road Safety (Jennifer Rankine) regarding the current proposal to make King William Road a 40kph zone. The minister has passed it onto us because it is a local road that comes under our care, control and management.

A transcript of his letter follows:

It is interesting how someone outside our area can know better than us. And his logic has it that if we have a lower speed it will encourage motorists to avoid shopping in the street.

He is right…motorists drive cars, they don’t shop. Pedestrians aka shoppers shop…they don’t drive cars.

Surely motorists have a focus on getting to where they want to go and they don’t they slow down until they get there, when they start thinking as a pedestrian rather than a motorist. Surely if you want to drive down King William Road at 50kph you do not have any intent on stopping to shop.

Sorry Bob! You have this wrong.

The next time your constituents want to come to your office in the Hub I wonder what those not in cars will think of those in cars that decide to travel at 50kph within the shopping centre. Yes the area you have your shop is in a shopping centre, which is designed for pedestrians.

Well last time I looked King William Road is a shopping precinct and the shoppers that use this precinct, whether they be preferentially treated local residents as you put it, or outsiders who do decide to stop and shop, deserve to be given the same safe environment as the Hub, or Marion, or Tea Tree Plaza, or wherever.

40KPH King William Road

Council approved this week that we consult with our community over extending the proposed length 40 kph speed limit on King William Road from a section between Mitchell/Park Streets thru’ Hughes Street to the full length of the road.

This was a suggestion from DTEI who felt that it would reduce confusion.

The consultation will be conducted in November ready for a report to be submitted to Council in December.