Crime Down in Unley

The State Attorney General has sent us a copy of the crime statistics 2005 thru’ 2009.

Referring to the summary we can see that offences:

ü  against the person is down from 6.09 offences per 1,000 population to 5.43.
ü  sexual offences is marginally down as is robbery and extortion and also drug offences
ü  against property is well down from 102.66 offences per 1,000 population to 65.25
ü  against good order (whatever that is)
ü  driving offences also well down from 13.66 offences per 1,000 population to 6.58

This is reassuring news for residents of Unley. We need to remain vigilant however and I would encourage all residents to either continue to participate in or offer to assist the local  Neighbourhood Watch group. Let’s keep active in Unley to keep the stats going “down, down, crime is down”.

If you wish a copy of a more comprehensive list send me an email I will pass it onto you.

Electricification of Noarlunga Rail Line Update

With the recent news about problems with DTEI and trees on the rail track down in Brighton it is timely for us to review where we are with our own efforts to ensure we are heard before the electrification of the line proceeds.

I can report we appear still on track, as I reported back in June, to have the community consultation we are expecting with DTEI, which you may remember as being scheduled for September.

Anyone keen to participate in this process I encourage to respond below or email me.

We want to have as much control as we can over this project for obvious reasons.

Improving Mills Street

As a result of my engagement with residents around Frederick Street re the Kelvin Avenue Pocket Park issues with the intersection with Mills Street and East Avenue have been identified.

The access/egress at this intersection is testing according to some of you were raised by some residents and I can say I have experienced this as well. Inevitably there is only one line of cars expecting to turn into East Avenue, particularly if there is a car parked adjacent the crossover into the mechanics yard.
Also raised was the fact that the no left turn sign for Millswood Crescent is hidden by a tree.
I am happy to report that additional line marking in Mills Street has been scheduled for installation; together with an extra no left turn sign into Millswood Crescent.
This should improve dramatically access/egress from/into East Avenue with Mills Street.

Thank you to those residents who provide me this feedback. I am happy to be able to facilitate positive results to a situation that had until now gone unnoticed by Council.


After much liaison with the Department of Infrastructure, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI) by Council Staff I can also report that they (DTEI) have assessed the proposal we have been putting to them and have just advised that it supports our proposal to replace the angled slow point in front of No 21 with a plateau with no other changes to the existing traffic devices ( a usual pre-requisite to changing traffic calming devices). Construction will be able to commence following community notification.

Line Marking Requests being responded to.

All line marking requests by Jennie and I have been inspected inspected by council’s staff and assessed.

Line marking is therefore due at the follwoing locations. 

Mills/East (as reported in an earlier blog)

If you are aware of line maqrking in eed of attention let me know and I will follow up with Depot staff. 

Pedestrian refuge on East Avenue

My Co-Councillor & I recently had a request from residents in Dunrobin Street for Council to consider constructing a pedestrian refuge on Eats Avenue adjacent Dunrobin Street.

Accessing public transport is proving difficult in peak hour traffic and dangerous at other times.

Good News! We passed this on and the City of Unley Road Safety Committee has, at its June meeting, recommended that this be considered by Council. 

Design is currently being prepared based on earlier design for a refuge at the intersection of Forest Avenue and East Avenue.

Electrification of Noarlunga Rail Line

The Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (DTEI) Project Director has advised that it will be 3 months before they will be in a position to consult with the community. 

A meeting is scheduled in the near future with Council Staff and the Project Director regards an update on where the project is at and possible implications for Unley. We will be pushing hard at that meeting that the City of Unley and its affected residents are consulted about this project.
Residents along Cromer Parade and those along Parker Terrace and Canterbury Terrace at Clarence Park are particularly affected in as much as their properties look out onto the rail line. This is a somewhat unique situation in as much as most properties rear fences abut, along the length of the Noarlunga Rail Line
This is good news after I received information that DTEI believed they had completed their consultation.

Clarence Park Neighbourhood Watch

Clarence Park, Black Forest & Millswood is a relatively safe place to live and this is due in no small part to the work of a small band of volunteers.

Yes! Neighbourhood Watch has been working well in our suburb.

Dirk and his small band of volunteers are to be congratulated for their efforts over a sustained period of time.

I ask everyone in the Clarence Park, Black Forest, Millswood areas who are reading this blog to consider helping this troupe by volunteering in one or more capacities.

The Cause —- Help them Help Us!
The Reward —– keeping our homes and our area SAFE!
Please give this some thought.