Page Park Gym Equipment Getting Good Use

Unley’s parks may be small but they are well equipped and well utilised.

I have been past a number of times since the gym equipment has been installed and if it is rare it has not been used.

It makes me feel good to see what we have done being used as much as it is.

Page Park – the next chapter

Page Park has been undergoing a renaissance in the time I have been on Council, the latest being the installation of outdoor fitness equipment.

I used it myself yesterday and it is great. I look forward to using it again.

And everyone I have talked to about the equipment are impressed. If you have not seen it pop down but don’t just have a look, use it.

Of course when you have finished you can walk a hundred meters or so and have a coffee at Carnavale.

Dog Park for South Parklands

Council last night determined to consider an allocation of up to $150k in the 2014/15 budget deliberations for partnering with Adelaide City Council in the establishment of a fenced dog park in the South Park Lands. 

With open space so precious in Unley and community debates rage every time there is a proposal for dog use in any of our parks this is a timely initiative.

Certainly it takes the heat off of some parks in Unley that were being investigate as possible future dog parks. This in included Goodwood South’s very own Page Park. Page Park being made an exclusive dog area would no have been good as far as this little puppy is concerned. The news that we will look at the South Parklands comes therefore as good news.

This means Council’s administration can progress discussions with Adelaide City Council regarding a funding partnership to establish a fenced dog park in the South Park Lands.

It is far from a fait accompli however as all we have done is get it into the budget process. Therefore. Watch this space.

An expensive Toilet or a Transformer Building

I was provided an interesting observation today regarding the $ 110,000.00 toilet recenlty erected in Page Park by a member of the Fairmont Tennis Club as I opened their new season for them.


No-one knows they are toilets.

Members of the club are apparently often approached by members of the public using the open spaces east of the courts asking if they can use the clubs toilets. When advised the toilet is “down there” the response is “I thought that was a transformer station.”
Looking at the toilet from a distance I had to acknowledge that this was a likely scenario. We really do need to put a large international symbol on the northern wall of the toilet because it does look like (in retrospect) a transformer building.
 I have asked the General Manager for Infrastructure if it possible to arrange this or some other equally engaging solution so our community actually gets a benefit of the investment we have made.

Fairmont Tennis Club opens their new Season

Yet another success storey in the western reached of the City known as Unley.

This club has been around almost as long as the Millswood Croquet Club I posted about yesterday, some 70 to 75 years I believe. A social club they commenced their next season today and I had the privilege of opening it for them for the second time.

A celebratory lunch.

As with the croquet club, success comes from the membership and this club clearly has a strong basis of volunteering from with it’s membership. Have fun guys. It is great to see our facilities being used.

Page Park Toilets Available for Use-At Last

It seems like an eternity since I blogged that the Page Park toilets were being constructed.

As a prefab construction, I expected they would be available to park users not long after. that was November last year. Issues with providing services delayed completion until recently.

All that is behind us now.

It is available for use. I might christen it soon.