Daddy Mayor

Yes! Our mayor has announced that he is soon to be a dad.

Lachlan & Jocelyn Clyne

Lachlan & Jocelyn Clyne

Fantastic news for Lachlan and Jocelyn and congratulations to them both.

Many will remember they got married on the 27th December last year at St Augustine’s Church, Unley. They then confirmed those vows in Jocelyn’s homeland of Singapore before having a honeymoon in Japan.

I understand the arrival of the young Clyne will be early October.




Don Palmer. St Augsutine's

The City of Unley has developed a self-guided ‘walk down memory lane’ to rediscover its complex history and stunning architecture through the ‘Discover Historic Unley’ initiative. 

From the Cremorne Hotel housing a small zoo, including an elephant, to Unley Oval hosting the English cricket team in 1903, participants can expect to capture fascinating glimpses into Unley’s rich past. It is amazing stories such as these, all based around historic sites near Unley Road that will truly ignite the inner historian in everyone.
City of Unley General Manager Community Megan Berghuis said ‘Discover Historic Unley’ aimed to educate people on how the area came to be and key sites that are embedded in Unley’s ‘DNA’.
“The catalyst for this incredible trail was a project that was started over four and a half years ago, which revealed a number of intriguing historical sites,” Ms Berghuis said.
“The self-guided walk takes in eighteen key sites around Unley including the oldest site of Mornington which took shape in 1853, to the Unley Shopping Centre built in 1966, and everything in between.”

The tour will uncover the ‘inner historian’ as it delves into how Unley first separated from Mitcham and formed a Town way back in 1871 with the villages of Unley, Parkside, Goodwood and Fullarton. From this time on, Unley Road grew into a corridor of commercial, social and cultural life. By 1906 there were more than 20 000 people spread across 15 villages and Unley became South Australia’s third city after Adelaide and Port Adelaide.
The tour will officially be launched on Wednesday 21 May as part of History Month, but will continue as self-guided walking tour. Signs are in place at 11 sites and a brochure is available from the Unley Libraries, Unley Museum and Civic Centre from May.
“We are really encouraging people to come and take a tour to learn about the uniqueness of this area and how it got to where it is today,” Ms Berghuis said.
To download a brochure please visit our website

Village Green Plaza Opened

As part of the multi cultural fair held today by St Augustine’s Anglican Church the Village Green Plaza was opened by Mayor Clyne this morning.

Mayor Clyne, dressed in his Army fatigues (he apparently is on call this weekend as an Army Reservist), was

The plaza was a joint project between St Augustine’s Anglican Church of Unley and council designed to open up access to the village green from the Memorial Gardens on the other side of Unley Road.. The existence of the green, which sits behind the Council’s Civic Centre and St Augustine’s Church is not obvious to may who frequent the area.

The community in the know have already taken the opportunity to make use of the opportunity to walk through what was once a fenced off and inaccessible area. From the church’s point of view Priest in Charge the Venerable Peter Chilver has always maintained that the Church should be open to the whole community. The Plaza project, as with recent other changes including the removal of the gaol like gates to their courtyard, are showing St Augustine’s is welcoming all who venture into Unley Central.

From a Council point of view this project is a demonstration of what can be achieved to build on and improve community open space infrastructure. The joint Library/Church carpark may be the next stage of a series of opportunities in and around Unley Central to shape the area for the community or the future.

Multicultural Fair – celebrating Unley’s diversity

As an elected member of the City of Unley and a Warden at St Augustine’s Anglican Church I am pleased to see this event take place and trust everyone will take the opportunity to come along and help us celebrate a great initiative to open up the space between St Augustine’s and the council to the community. 

The following is a press release from council.

St Augustine’s Church, in conjunction with the Unley City Council, are holding a Multicultural Fair and Grand Opening of the new Village Green Plaza on Saturday 2 November.

The fair starts at 9am with a recital by a lone piper, followed by performances and food stalls from numerous multi-cultural and charitable organisations.

 Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne, will officially open the Village Green Plaza at 11am. St Augustine’s and The City of Unley have been working together to re-develop the Plaza into an attractive and functioning space. 

Food stalls will be held showcasing the traditional foods of the local Chinese, Hungarian and Indian communities.  The will also be a colourful performance of rational dance by the Armenian Society.
Operations Flinders will be hosting a Quandong (Wild Peach) Pie Stall and an abseiling wall on the bell tower for those with some energy to wear off.

An exciting array of stalls will offer crafts, cakes, coffee, pastries and books to try, taste and buy.
Charities, organisations and cultural groups who participate will retain all proceeds. Community groups who wish to run their own stall can still get involved. Interested stall holders can contact Brenton on 0418 883 550.

A multi-cultural, non-denominational church service will also be held the next day on Sunday 3 November at 5pm with a taste of different cuisines to follow.
Event Details: 
Multicultural Fair

Saturday 2 November, 9am – 2pm

Village Green Plaza (Opposite the Unley Shopping Centre).

Operation Flinders Re-dedication coincides with National Reconciliation Week.

St Augustine’s Church was the venue for the re-dedication ceremony for the volunteers of Operation Flinders.

Operation Flinders, set up by Pamela Murray-White in 1991, is a not for profit organisation helping today’s troubled youth to find answers to their challenges and grow as people.

The aim of Operation Flinders is to be the leading provider of quality wilderness programs for young people at risk. Their mission statement is: Operation Flinders Foundation is to provide young men and women who have been identified as being at risk, with demanding outdoor challenges and support, to help them develop their personal attitudes and values of self esteem, motivation, team work and responsibility so they may grow as valued members of the community.

Rev’d Brenton Daulby, a past Parish Priest of St Augustine’s and Operation Flinders Chaplain, spoke to the congregation of the their operation and he spoke directly to the children of the Parish of young people becoming the best they can be by way of a parable or should I say storey telling from an aboriginal elder. The kids responded by making didgeridoos.

 Story Telling
Playing self made didgeridoos

I thought this was a great touch as European and Asian people present learning from the wisdom of the Australian Aborigine, co-incidentally at the end of national Reconciliation Week.

Mandarin speaking church services in Unley

The Anglican Diocese of Adelaide, through our very own Parish of St Augustine’s, is promoting multi cultural church services.

This is something that Council is keen to encourage and our Mayor Lachlan Clyne, in his monthly report, has indicated

“It was an honour to represent the Council and pass on a few words of encouragement to this new congregation in the presence of Bishops, Councillors and Parishioners”.

Yes! That is our Mayor doing his Kevin Rudd impersonation and speaking in Mandarin. I am told he did an excellent job.

Unley has a growing chinese community and it is great to see their assimilation into our religious community.