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The Mayor and Councillors have now been sworn in and we are ready to kick start the next 4 years. And the next four years should be an exciting time as the City of Unley continues to shape itself for the future.

Swearing In

Swearing In

I look forward to what this term holds for us and sharing it with you as it unfolds.

Our first meeting will be next Monday night. At that meeting the focus will surely be on committee structures and which councillors will be on which committees. The next couple of weeks we will also be welcoming the two new councillors onto our team and making them feel as comfortable as possible.

Will we see the continuation of the committee structures set up in our last term, will we do so in modified form or will we revert back to our previous structure. Or will we come up worth something entirely new.

We have much in the wings as we start this term, no greater than the Brownhill Creek Flood Mitigation project and DPA2. Both of these impact in some part on the residents of Clarence Park Ward. Both are likely to come back out for public consultation by I reckon March.

Also on the Agenda is the master planning (or improvement planning to some) of the three significant sporting venues of this City of Unley. Unley Oval has been elevated as a priority as far the Mayor is concerned.

I see Goodwood Oval and Millswood Sporting Complex as having a need for focus as these two precincts I believe may have a greater chance of governmental funding when the State & Federal purse strings are loosened. I say this because there is more chance of contributory funding from the users of these two facilities than might be the case at Unley Oval influencing Government empathy.

We will see soon work commencing on Goodwood Road to underground the power lines. The Council of the City of Unley will need to consider that this provides an opportunity for other upgrading along this strip sooner rather than later.

And then there is possibly the most exciting project of all and that is the one we are affectionately calling Unley Central. Regenerating that area of Unley along Unley Road including the shopping on both sides of the road, the area around the memorial Gardens on the west, the City of Unley Offices, Civic Centre and St Augustine’s Church and through to the Village Green on the east.

This new Council has the responsibility of providing the vision and the leadership to allow the business community, future Councils (and Government) and the general community to regenerate this area of the City of Unley into a precinct the envy of all other inner suburban district centres.

I will be able to report more on this in the months and years ahead.