Unrest from some over Unley hosting the TDU

Amid cries that it is too expensive and/or it has had its day, there is unrest from some over Unley hosting the TDU.

During budget deliberations, we heard cries from some in our community to abandon the TDU. Indeed (from memory) two councillors said the same. Some including the two councillors will be disappointed with the news it is going to happen.

Those same cries were not so apparent when we debated earlier in the year whether we should put another bid in or not. That is when the debate was needed to be had, not at budget time.

Curiously this happens every year. We agree to put in a bid. Then at budget time we debate if we should change that decision.

With the announcement imminent of who has been successful in hosting a start or a finish, budget time is precisely the wrong time to have the debate. To pull out then would surely to be irresponsible.

But what are we debating. The calls to drop our association with the TDU come from concern over the $ 266,000 it costs council to stage the Gourmet Gala.

I don’t argue that this is a significant amount of money for one event. But is it? More on that in a future blog.

Whilst the Gourmet Gala is associated with the TDU it is not the TDU. The TDU start surely must stay. As I wrote in my last blog post the City of Unley and the TDU go hand in hand.

For the premier bike capital of Adelaide (Unley) not to host a start, or a finish for that matter, would surely be criminal.

So, when this comes up again, let us focus on what we are actually debating. Is it the TDU or is it the Gourmet Gala? Or is it both?


The City of Unley and the TDU go hand in hand

The City of Unley is recognised for being the most cyclist friendly City in all of Adelaide. Adelaide in turn is Australia’s home of the Tour Down Under (TDU). Truly the City of Unley and the TDU go hand in hand.


Unley is recognised for it’s extensive bikeways. An inner suburban Council, we have been proactive in finding alternate forms of transport other than single occupancy cars.

For this reason, the City of Unley and the TDU go hand in hand.

It should be expected therefore that the Tour organisers see Unley’s bid to host a TDU start as a no-brainer. No surprise then that we have been awarded a Stage 2 start for the 2018 Santos Tour Down Under.

Santos Tour Down Under Race Director Mike Turtur said the race was thrilled to be returning to Unley for the start of Stage 2. “The location of Unley as a stage start is one of the iconic start locations throughout the history of the event and never disappoints,” he said.

“The support from the community in Unley and its surrounds is terrific. Next year the race will start on King William Road and the peloton will parade through the city from Unley and take a route down Melbourne Street for the first time.”

Stage 2 will be held in the morning of Wednesday 17 January.

As always, we will hold our Gourmet Gala event on the night before. An event that often attracts 30,000 people or more. The Gala has become one of Adelaide’s iconic events, seen by many as integral to the whole TDU experience.

There are however some within our community, indeed on Council, who see this differently. Please stay tuned for my take on that shortly. When I do, just remember that the City of Unley and the TDU go hand in hand.

TDU 2016 Stage 2 goes again to Unley

If you have not heard yet the City of Unley has been successful yet again with the announcement that the TDU 2016 Stage 2 goes again to Unley.


The flag will fall at 11.00 am on Wednesday the 20th January as the bike riders embark on a TDU 2016 stage 2 start journey of 132 km  through the Adelaide Hills on their way to a finish at Stirling. Checkoutthe route map on the Santos TDU website.

And I can tell you also that our ever popular Gourmet Gala event will be in the night before. A combination that is recognised around the country. A combination that promnotes Unley as an event specialist and promotes also our premier shopping strip.

Mark both events in your calendar and watch this space for more news.

And now…..down to the hard work of making it all happen.


Unley’s Gourmet Gala 2015 smashes the attendance record

The crowd at this year’s Unley Gourmet Gala 2015 has been reported as a whopping 30,000-plus.This is a massive 5o% increase on last year’s Tour Down Under Gourmet Gala.


The City of Unley has now staged this event on King William Road for 15  years. With this much experience we have clearly got it right and are the envy of the Tour Down Under participants.

I must say I was surprised that the attendance was 50% greater than we have previously experienced because each time I walked the street there was room to move. I remember times when you could not move. Looks like we have got it so right that there is room to move and enough room to allow 50% more people to experience what is a premier event.

Borrowing some thoughts for fellow Councillor Mike Hudson here are some highlights:

The weather was great.

      The entertainment was fabulous.

      The eateries did mega business.

      Everyone was very well-behaved

I offer congratulations to everyone who helped make this the success it clearly was including the businesses who sponsored the event, the council management and staff who are responsible for the logistics and marketing of the event, the performers who entertained the masses and restaurant, cafe owners and service clubs who wined and dined us.

To get a feel of what was on offer check out my Facebook page for a pictorial portrayal of the night. My favourite pictured below (as I believe was the younger citizens and older citizens alike favourite) was the Bubble man.

Gourmet Gala Bubble man


Check out also the photos I posted of the following mornings stage 2 Tour Down Under 2015 race start.


Unley successful again in staging a leg of the TDU

After Holdfast Bay Council announced recently that they were pumped to have the opportunity to host a leg after an absence we at Unley can announce that we will be hosting a leg for the 14th consecutive year.

The Stage 2 Start of the TDU will be held on Adelaide’s premier retail strip, King William Road at the Opey Avenue intersection, on Wednesday, January 21 at 11am.

Once again we will also on the night prior, hold our ever popular Unley Gourmet Gala. The two events are an opportunity for retailers and restaurants to showcase their finest gourmet produce, wine and fashion.

This year’s Gourmet Gala attracted more than 20,000 visitors and delivered what has been assessed as a $725 550 economic benefit to Unley businesses. 2015 should prove to be every bit as good.

A Big few days of celebrations before getting down to the nitty gritty.

2014 has opened with festivities but now it is time to get back to business. The Gourmet Gala on Thursday night, the BUPA challenge and then the stage 4 race start on Friday morning, followed by the Ignite Unley celebrations at the Memorial Gardens on Saturday night and culminating in the Citizenship Ceremony, the Australia Day Awards in the Village Green have kick started the year.

This was  great start to the year for the citizens of the City of Unley. 58 of our residents received their citizenship this morning in what I always look in awe on. Moving to another country is one thing but to adopt that country as their own is something special.
And I am so proud that it is my Country of birth that so many from around the world want to become part of.
But what this has all done is herald the start of the year. It is back to business on Tuesday night when Council meets for the first time this year.
Mind you I did attend a DAP meeting last week so ………

Unley Gourmet Gala ‘Wheels Out’ the Ultimate Party Experience!

King William Road, renowned for its fashion and food, is set to come alive as one of the biggest celebrations on the Adelaide calendar, the Unley Gourmet Gala, kicks off at 4pm on Thursday 23 January.

 “This will be the 14th Gourmet Gala the Council has hosted and we expect 2014 to top last years’ attendance figures.” says Mayor of Unley, Lachlan Clyne.
“We all look forward to the Unley Gourmet Gala as it is not only one of the biggest parties of the year but also the perfect springboard to showcase King William Road and surrounds. Last year we had a whopping 17,500 attendees and I wouldn’t be surprised if we topped that this year,” says Mayor Clyne.
“People descend on Unley from all corners of Adelaide and South Australia every year for this event and we are very proud to show off our wonderful Council area.”
Major features of the 2014 Unley Gourmet Gala include:
       Over thirty wine and gourmet food stalls
       Cooking demonstrations with celebrity chef Marion Grasby
       Unley Criterium – a series of rapid races around Unley streets
       Kids’ activities including performances from the Ticklish Allsorts, a designated Kids Zone and beach play area featuring cycle-themed children’s art activities.
       Parades on the Porsche Fashion Stage showcasing the best King William Road boutiques, and a special performance by Sally Cooper and Airlie Koo as Elektra Live
       Electrifying Brazilian dancers, the amazing Santos Super Cycles, live music, and DJs
The Gala is the perfect pre-race event for the Santos Tour Down Under Stage 4, set to kick off from King William Road on Friday 24 January at 11.30am, following the Bupa Challenge Tour at 6.30am.
For more information visit www.unley.sa.gov.au and follow us on Facebook (facebook/gourmetgala) and Twitter (#unleygala)

Parking Restrictions – Unley Gourmet Gala and Santos Tour Down Under

Parking Restrictions for the Unley Gourmet Gala and Santos Tour Down Under have been announced.

Thursday 23 and Friday 24 January 2014

The City of Unley would like to notify residents of the following temporary parking restrictions and road closures that will take effect on Thursday 23 January and Friday 24 January.
To aid preparations and provide a safe environment for the public and participants for the Unley Gourmet Gala, the Unley Criterium, the Bupa Challenge and the Stage 4 Race Start of the Santos Tour Down Under, the following temporary road closures will be installed:

Temporary Road Closures

From 6am Thursday 23 January until 1pm Friday 24 January
Thomas Street between the intersection with King William Road and 70 metres east
From 10am Thursday 23 January until 1pm Friday 24 January
King William Rd between the northern boundary of the intersection with Jasper St and a point 170 metres north of the said intersection.
McGowan Ave, Opey Ave, Walter St, Boffa St, Bloomsbury St, between King William Rd and approximately 30 metres into these streets.
From 1pm Thursday 23 January until 1pm Friday 24 January
King William Rd between the southern boundary of Arthur St and a point 50 metres south of Jasper St.
Park St and Mitchell St (within proximity of King William Rd).
To ensure your vehicle is not towed, please remove it from King William Rd, between Arthur St and Jasper St, by 12pm Thursday 23 January.

Temporary ‘No Parking’ Areas

Temporary ‘no parking’ areas will apply in adjacent roads from 1pm Thursday 23 January.

Unley Criterium Additional Road Closures

From 1pm to 8pm Thursday 23 January
Jasper St (between King William Rd and Oxford St)
Oxford St (between Jasper St and Mitchell St)
Mitchell St (between 60 metres west of Oxford St and King William Rd).

Bupa Challenge Tour Start route

On Friday 24 January the Bupa Challenge Tour will start at 6.30am and travel south down King William Rd, into Northgate St and south on Victoria Ave. SA Police will escort the cyclists – no road closures will be in place in Northgate St or Victoria Ave.

Santos Tour Down Under Bupa Stage 4 Start route

On Friday 24 January Stage 4 will start at 11.30am and travel south down King William Rd, into Northgate St and south on Victoria Ave. SA Police will escort the cyclists – no road closures will be in place in Northgate St or Victoria Ave.

Free Community Bus Shuttle Service

1pm – 7pm Thursday 23 January, and 7am – 1pm Friday 24 January.
Council will provide a free shuttle buses to transport passengers between Greenhill Rd and Northgate St. The bus will run every 10 – 15 minutes, and can be hailed from any location along the route (please see map below). Signage will also be posted on affected bus stops.

Disability Parking

Parking for people with disabilities will be available at the Council car park in Boffa Lane (off Boffa Street).

Dry Zones

A dry zone will apply from 4pm Thursday 23 to 1am Friday 24 January in roads surrounding the event.
The City of Unley apologises for any inconvenience this may cause and thanks you for your support. Permits will be issued to affected residents prior the event.
For further information, please telephone Satyen Gandhi, Manager – Transportation and Traffic on 8372 5195 or email [email protected]

Mark this in your Calendar

Christmas has passed us by, New Years celebrations are on tonight and the big event in the Unley calendar is just around the Corner. The Tour Down Under arrives in the week leading up to Australia Day, with the Unley Gourmet Gala the highlight of the festivities associated with the Tour.

One of Adelaide’s most prestigious events, the Unley Gourmet Gala is an exciting outdoor gourmet experience showcasing some of South Australia’s finest local food, wine, fashion, music and entertainment.
Be entertained by cooking demonstrations from Marion Grasby, explore food and wine stalls, indulge in delicious cuisine, and enjoy fashion parades and a diverse array of live music. There’s also entertainment for the kids to ensure the whole family enjoy the evening.

Book it into your calendar. Not only is this Unley’s biggest event for the year, it is the TDU’s biggest event. The TDU simply would not be the same without the Unley Gourmet Gala.


The City of Unley has welcomed news that it will play host to Stage 4 of the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under (TDU) on Friday 24 January at 9.30am. In further good news, the Council has also announced it will for the first time ever, host 7,000 riders for the Bupa Challenge at 6am on the same day.

Stage 4 of the TDU and the Bupa Challenge will be held on Adelaide’s premier retail strip, King William Road at the Opey Avenue intersection.
City of Unley Chief Executive, Peter Tsokas said local businesses, residents and people from all over South Australia should feel excited about the announcement.
It is always an honour to host a Tour Down Under Stage Start here in Unley and the addition of the Bupa Challenge is really exciting. The announcement is testament to the people and businesses that make up this great City. This will have a huge impact on our main street traders and we plan to put on an incredible show for all involved,” Mr Tsokas said.
The hugely successful Unley Gourmet Galarun each year in conjunction with the Tour Down Under has been extended for a further two years and will once again showcase some of South Australia’s finest gourmet, wine, fashion and music on the evening of 23rd of January.
We will now turn our attention to making the necessary preparations to ensure all three events are a huge success and we strongly encourage people to mark the dates in their diaries.
The 23rd and 24th of January will be an absolute hive of activity in Unley and we expect thousands of people to descend on the area. From the the Tour to the Bupa Challenge to the Unley Gourmet Gala there will be something for everybody.
The Gala attracted more than 17,500 patrons providing a $569,300 economic boost to the area in 2013. We are now on the hunt for sponsorship for this premier Adelaide event to ensure we attract even more people in 2014. We have already experienced an influx of sponsorship expressions of interest and we will lock these down in the coming months.” Mr Tsokas said.
The City of Unley will invest $38,000 for the Tour Stage, which includes fees for hosting and logistical costs. 

Tour Down Under 2013 Unley Start

The 13th Tour Down Under Start in Unley has just passed and once again, great atmosphere, the best start in the City.

And this follows last night the biggest street party of the Tour Down Under Season, The Unley Gourmet Gala.

Unley is recognised widely for how well it conducts it’s leg of the Tour and once again Council and the community has down us all proud. Well done to everyone.

Here is my take on the official start with the Mayor firing the gun and the bikes away.

Roll up… Roll up…

In the words of our Mayor


Roll up… Roll up…


We would love to see you on the street tonight, the weather is perfect for a great local community celebration of a fine international event, right here on King William Road, Hyde Park in the City of Unley, South Australia.
Enjoy the fun “amateur” YouTube video we just put together…


Just four hours to go!

Your chance to ride in the Tour

Ride Like Crazy is on again! This weekend, Sunday 20 January 2013

Over 2000 riders will participate in this charity bike ride, starting at Unley Shopping Centre, riding through the Adelaide Hills, and finishing at Unley Oval.
Even if you are not riding, there are plenty of things going on at Unley Oval from approximately 12 noon.  
For more information, here’s the website: http://www.ridelikecrazy.com/ride.html

Tour Close

Forget the medias focus on whether Lance Armstrong has admitted guilt over drug taking or not the main game is the Tour Down Under 2013 Vintage.

For those of you who missed it because of the Armstrong focus it all happens next week.

And Stage 3 will start once again in Unley, this time on Thursday next week at 11.00 am at the corner of King William Road and Mitchell/Park Streets. This leg will terminate in Stirling.

Whilst King William Road will be inundated with people on the day (get there early based on my experience) the night before will see the real festivities take place. The Unley Gourmet Gala.

One of Adelaide’s most prestigious events, the Unley Gourmet Gala is an exciting outdoor gourmet experience showcasing some of South Australia’s finest local food, wine, fashion, music and entertainment. 

This is one of if not the best night on the Unley calendar. Come along and experience the Unley showcase.

Down Under Start to Year

The Year in Unley gets started with a Down Under example of how to stage an international sporting event.

Today saw the Ride Like Crazy event with participants finishing at Unley Oval just as I wanted access to Edmund Avenue to take a fellow parishioner home, who lives in nearby Cremorne Street.

Wednesday night will see King William Road alive with excitement as the Unley Council Gala Event takes place. This event has grown over the years to a point where “it’s standing room only”. This year’s event will be one you won’t want to miss with record sponsorships having been obtained.

It will truly be a food, fashion entertainment and cycling extravaganza

And Thursday King William Road will again be in the headlines as it hosts the Stage Three Start, in which riders compete over a 134km course from Unley to Victor Harbor.

I will be taking the opportunity to enjoy the festivities before getting stuck into the business part of being an elected member of council.

Come along and join the fun.

Unley Gourmet Gala back agian, this coming January

Unley again will be hosting a leg of the tour down under and we will again run the Unley Gourmet gala in conjunction with the tour.


The link above takes you to the City of Unley webpage promoting this event.

The Gourmet Gala continues to amaze those outside our city boundaries. We are continually asked how can we get so many people to this event without an advertising budget that we see with other major events in this state, such as a certain light switch event focusing on cars.

I guess we just do it GOOD!