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Yes Christmas 2013 is behind us. Hopefully you have had time to relax, enjoy the company of your families and recharge for the year ahead.

And may I say to you happy New Year.

2014 is on us and with a vengeance as you can see by my other posts already today (and some in the draft stage as I write this). I am back into it after some respiratory health issues late last year, and some time off myself over Christmas.

I am glad I chose not to go anywhere for the Christmas New Year break because it seems there are many issues out there that needed my attention, which I have (fresh from that break) been providing some residents.

The Goodwood South Ward, the hive of activity and disruption last year with the rail corridor work has much going on right now. This includes completion of the project and bringing to a head the Canterbury Terrace shared road investigations, the Canterbury Road and Parker Terrace tree replacement program, and the Black Forest LATM.

These projects have proved challenging, given they overlap each other and given all three affect the residents of Canterbury Terrace. These people have had to respect the needs and wishes of others who want to have a say on what happens on their street. Hopefully their neighbours from nearby streets can respect the impact of all three projects on them.

Beyond that we have master planning processes soon to begin on both Goodwood Oval and Millswood Park. These are community surveys designed to help us come up with strategies for improvement of both facilitates over the next 20 years or more to accommodate the future needs of the community. This I expect to commence soon. Watch this space.

Also looming is the return of what is known as DPA2. This is a development plan amendment (DPA) that affects the areas of Unley, not classified as heritage conservation or similar and are not included in the recent “higher density” DPAs that are now with the Minister. This is one to watch and depending where you live you may want to participate in so you can influence how your street will look in 20 years. Watch this space too.