Results in for four wards in the City of Unley Council elections.

The votes of four wards were counted today in the City of Unley Council elections after a slow start, with the provisional results as follows:


Parkside Ward          Michael Hudson and John Koumi

Unley Ward                  Michael Hewitson and Rufus Salaman

Goodwood Ward      Bob Schnell and Luke Smolucha

Fullarton Ward         Anthony Lapidge and Peter Hughes

In the four wards counted thus far all incumbents have been returned based on the provisional results. One new member, Luke Smolucha, will represent Goodwood Ward in the absence of retired Denise Tipper.

I offer congratulations and a welcome back to the incumbents and a big welcome to Luke.

Unley Park Ward will be counted tomorrow and I will report when the results are known.

I offer also condolences and a well done to those candidates who ran but didn’t get in. It take guts to stand for council and you deserve credit for putting your hand up.


  1. Cr Bob Schnell   •  

    Don, a fantastic refreshing look to your blog website.
    I now know what you’ve been doing over the past few weeks.
    However, I was struggling to find how to comment on your posts.
    It wasn’t exactly intuitive.
    But, it does look good.
    And, a nice colour scheme.

  2. Don Palmer   •     Author

    And the final Ward has now been counted. Unley Park has seen the one incumbent, Rob Sangster, returned and newbie Michael Rabbitt join the team.

    As before congratulations to both of them and well done to those who missed out.

    In the final wash up all the incumbents who ran for office have been returned and we have to new chums, to take those spots vacated by the two who retired.

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