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Unley Council is conducting a City-wide Parking Strategy consultation. It will run from today for a four-week period. In so doing, we will be applying a new and innovative Shaping Unley Process for this consultation.


City Wide Parking StrategyWe are aware that many (ratepayers and visitors alike) struggle to find parks in our streets or traverse those streets because of heavy parking. We have a plethora of narrow streets, and many homes and businesses have inadequate off-street parking.


The first phase of developing the City-wide Parking Strategy will be with an Issues and Ideas Forum. We will be seeking city-wide community views in this forum on:

  • any current issues you have with your on-street parking experience(s); and
  • any ideas on how you think these issues could be resolved.

We are also seeking community views on good parking experiences and what people think works well.

This is your opportunity to ensure your views are considered. An opportunity for those who have expressed concerns in the past, or who want to now. Please take the opportunity.

A Community Panel will consider the feedback before recommendations are put before Council.

We are very excited in anticipation of the initial feedback we may receive from the community. This will help inform future Community Panel discussions. These forums will be attended by a select group of community representatives. This may include you.

We are sending invites to 1200 randomly selected Unley residents and businesses today. Invites seeking people to register their interest to form the 30-representative panel (15 residents and 15 businesses). If you are keen, you might pre-empt this by filling out the form on the Shaping Unley page of our website.

We are seeking a diverse group of people to form part of the Community Panel, the second phase of the Shaping Unley process. Watch out for your invite.

The Shaping Unley process aims to empower the community to influence Council’s decision-making via this committee.

Please provide your feedback so the panel has what they need to make an informed recommendation to Council. The more people that the Council hears from regarding on-street parking experiences in the City of Unley, and their ideas on how parking can be improved, the better.

If this proves to be a successful consultation, we will use it again.