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This is the question that I am sure will be asked when Councils Community Centres Directions Paper is presented to Council, maybe this month.

One of four community centres in Unley, a ratio much more than any other council per head of population, Clarence Park has a point of difference I would think the others should consider copying.

Nestled discreetly in the Black Forest side of the rail corridor adjacent the East Avenue level crossing it is, if ever there was, a sustainable model for Community Centres. Run by a Board of Directors, mainly from volunteers keen to see a community centre meet the needs they know exist in the local community.

The centre very much has a focus back to basics and care for children and about our environment. They are powered by solar energy and rainwater.

They offer fresh, seasonal and organic food at our markets and food cooperatives and they dance to world music and awaken mysteries within.

And they do this without putting much strain on the Council’s resources, certainly when compared to the other three centres. cant wait to see if the Council management agree with me.

Hopefully the report will be ready for this months council meeting on the 28th. If not it should be by the  November Council meeting.