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Anyone accessing the links in my last blog post would have seen that the consultant commissioned by Council to prepare the report on the Black Forest LATM have recommended that Canterbury Terrace is turned into a one way road at the east avenue end.

They obviously believe this to be the preferred option and they do so from a traffic engineers point of view.

To find out what is being proposed by our administration for Council to decide on you will need to read both the consultant’s report and the report by Satyen Gandhi which suggests a preferred motion.

That preferred option is to accept all the consultant’s recommendations except one. Satyen is removing the recommendation for Canterbury Terrace out of the motion. He has done this in recognition that Canterbury Terrace has had more issues to consider, as those who have attended our public meetings will know, than those canvassed by the consultant.

We are working on a solution to go to Council next month for Canterbury Terrace.

The proposed motion reads:

1. The report be received.
2. The Black Forest LATM report (and the recommendations contained on pages 19 and 20 within) as outlined in Attachment 1 to Item 1070/14, be endorsed except for the recommendation 4.2.
3. The residents in the Black Forest LATM study area be advised of the Council’s decision.

Watch this space to find out what Council decides next week on the LATM and for further input on Canterbury.