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Council this week unanimously adopted our Climate Change Policy. The policy is one of the first initiatives of our recent Climate & Energy Plan.

Climate Action PlanThe Policy reflects the strategic directions of both the Climate and Energy Plan and Waste Management and Resource Recovery Plan. Establishing the policy is indeed an essential action item in both Plans.

Council put much time & energy into coming up with its climate strategy. A strategy which, if you remember, was passed in October last year in a marathon effort.

One of the first things the Council needed to do as part of these two strategies is to develop a Climate Change Policy. A policy therefore that consolidates and strengthens existing actions of the Council. Likewise, that stems from an endorsed position or strategy of the Council.

The Policy aims to provide an overarching framework, which defines the proactive roles that Council can take in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its own operations. A policy that will minimise the impacts of climate change for both present and future generations of Unley.

The primary objectives of this Policy are:

  • To build greater resilience in the operations of the Council to the anticipated impacts of climate change
  • To transition Council decision-making to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To minimise waste and pollution, and maximise the recycling of products and materials to achieve a desired circular economy.
  • To record and track ongoing patterns of the Council’s annual carbon emission footprint
  • To work with other levels of government and key stakeholders to advance strategic climate change partnerships, programs and advocacy; and
  • To promote greater resident and business awareness of the causes and effects of climate change. Likewise, suggest actions individuals can take to mitigate and adapt to a changing climate.

The Policy is a simple 4-page document focused on what Council can do.