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The City of Unley has led a project that identifies alternative strategies for higher density housing.

Co-housingAccordingly, we are promoting that the SA Planning Commission include a Co-Housing consideration in the Planning & Design Code. In other words, we are encouraging the Commission to consider the value of creating a new ‘Co-housing Accommodation’ definition within the Code.

Doing so will provide more choices for housing, particularly for our ageing citizens. Certainly, it will provide a new option for them to scale down without having to leave their current home address.



It is a project that feeds into my election commitment to finding better high-density housing solutions than are currently proposed.

A report, explaining the co-housing concept, has now been finalised.

While a smaller scale version, similar approaches from around the world have inspired the report. It prompts the Commission to include a Co-Housing consideration in the Planning & Design Code.

The report examines joint housing arrangements that might be acceptable to older residents. It provides examples of detailed architectural designs and visualisations to encourage inclusion n the Code. More importantly, it creates designs that redevelop existing housing stock to protect the street character and green space. Likewise tree canopy.

Like a hand in a glove, this fits the City of Unley approach to the Code. If you want to see what it is all about it can be accessed here to download.

Pleasingly, the Commission is supportive of the value of this work. Because of the broad and significant application of our submission, the Commission is likely to lead any further work on it.

There is much work to have it ready for inclusion in the Code. Given this, they will likely deal with it as a code amendment, rather than include it in the first version of the Code.

I trust they will seek our input as they advance it.