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If you have not heard already I have good news. We will have a chance to influence the T2D South Road Design, via a formal community consultation process.


T2D tunnellingThe Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) will be seeking community input into the design and delivery of the Torrens to Darlington (T2D) section of South Road. Accordingly, they have called for interest in people joining one of three reference groups.

Expressions of interest have closed. With the first meetings expected later this month, those who were successful with their nominations should soon be aware.

There will be two groups for each section (a Community Reference Group and a Business Reference Group). For the southern tunnel section, and likewise the Airport and northern tunnel section.

The community reference groups will include one member from each of the affected Councils. Unley Council has nominated me to be that representative.

The purpose of these groups is to provide a forum for community input.

To allow us to provide input into various aspects of the project during the planning and design phase. This includes an opportunity for residents, community interest groups, businesses, and individuals.

I expect that the members of the groups will be seeking to have a dialogue with the rest of us. As a member of our group, I will be keen for the members to meet outside of the formal meetings organised by DIT. This, so that we might devise a way of communicating to our neighbours, and also to determine how best to invite input.

Finally, one of the first things I wish to have solved is to determine what is and what is not negotiable. What we can do to influence the T2D South Road Design

It is important that DIT is upfront with us immediately on what input they are prepared to consider. What value we can bring to the design and to the delivery versus what must be provided for engineering purposes etc.

We don’t want to be having fights all the way to the final siren on matters we cant win.