Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

While the concerns of a dog owner blog has gone somewhat viral, getting into the Eastern Courier this week and being bought to the attention of other elected members our staff have been working away to find solutions after my discussions with them.

Dog Owners and non Dog Owners alike should be happy with what is being planned. Having said that Goodwood Oval is far from being potentially a dump zone as some may be concerned is happening It is actually in good condition with a recent investigation of the grounds showing up only two doggy poos. These actions will help to keep it that way; council being proactive and committing resources rather than relying on dog owners to take full responsibility.

I can confirm the following actions will be undertaken as a result of my requests of our administration:

• New stickers are being produced, which will be affixed to the dispensers which will note the 2 bag limit, as well as provide our call centre phone number in the event a community member finds the dispensers empty.
• The 3 remaining old stock dispensers are being replaced with the new, tensioned models
• We will be introducing one larger capacity unit at the popular pooch locations of Goodwood Oval, Orphanage Park and Unley Oval (capacity of up to 900 bags with no handles).
• We are relocating the dispensers at Goodwood Oval, as at present they are seem too close together. This will give a wider distribution and improved access to the bags.
• Our rangers will monitor the dispensers on their daily rounds and will replenish empty dispensers as required.
• Our rangers will also continue to monitor the cleanliness of Goodwood Oval and respond when they perceive there is an issue.
• New stock of bags will be “handle-less”, but of course we will be exhausting our current supply, which is expected to run out in January.