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The following is an extract of a letter from a rate payer and Dog Owner


To whom it may concern

Over the last few weeks, on numerous occasions at the Goodwood Oval, I’ve found myself caught short begging and borrowing bags from fellow dog walkers in order to clean up after my own dogs.

Late last week, again, short of the required clean up bags, I approached a green keeper at the oval thinking he’d be able to replenish the bag supply. It was then that I was advised that the job of providing the bags has been outsourced to a contractor. Fortunately, the green keeper found a bag in his vehicle he could give me as a back-up.

This afternoon, again all the bag dispensers were empty. Worse still, there was dog poo dotted all around the oval. I suspect this is symptomatic of dog walkers, who with the best of intentions, finding that there are no clean up bags, are leaving their mess on the oval.

As a dog owner, I feel responsible for dog mess being left on the oval, even if it isn’t my dog that’s personally responsible. While not overjoyed by the task, providing there are bags, I’m prepared to pick up after my own dog and the occasional whoopsie left by other dogs. I can’t do this if the bag dispenser is regularly empty.

A joke was made that this is a conspiracy by council to pit the sports club users against the dog walkers. I’m sure this isn’t true, as plenty of sports club users are also dog owners. If council is committed to dog owners cleaning up after their dogs, support by maintaining well stocked clean up bags is a positive way of achieving this.

Best regards   Signed……………………………………………………………………..

Memo to all dog owners …. and those avoiding the land mines I have sought information from management to clarify what our current replenishment process is, and to examine how we can ensure it is working as it should.