Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

I can confirm I met with our Manager Community Development to explain my take on our need to improve our communications.

The meeting was productive I believe. As with my meeting with our CEO last week I felt my observations aware not just acknowledged and/or understood but taken on board as a priority for council going forward.

Having another favourable response gives me the motivation and incentive to remain your elected member after the upcoming elections. It is good to see that those at the top are willing to buy into my suggestions.

If we can over time improve then your interaction with Council can only improve. I’ll bet you would love all staff you deal with at Council to be as receptive as he best you have dealt with.

Imagine that a responsive public service.

And if we get that right then some of the hurdles we face with a consultations will improve, reducing the number of times we get confusing letters (like the recent DPA2) correspondence.