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The following was dealt with at last Night’s Council Meeting
Dog Registration fees
With the government taking a significant portion of the fees for their programs and restricting us from recovering our costs Council agreed on new fee of $ 55.00 per annum with various rebates in keeping with previous years.
McLeay Park
As noted in my previous blog this matter has been sent back to the City Strategy & Policy Committee. Hopefully we will have learnt some lessons in this one and make decision that works for all interested parties.
Hard Rubbish Collection
With costs escalating and with relatively few rate payers taking advantage of our twice a year service we have agreed to cut back our hard rubbish collection to once a year. We will still come to your door meaning we will still have the premium service the envy of ratepayers in other councils where they are forced to take their rubbish to different forms of collection points.
No Turn in Mitchell Street
We approved the resolution at last Mondays City Strategy & Policy Committee to end the trail of not turn right, no turn left in the Mitchell Street environs. The trials have been a success and the controls will be retained.
Recognition of Local Government in the Constitution.
We discussed how we might contribute to the LGA campaign to have Local Government finally recognised in the constitution, thereby breaking some of the shackles around our ankles.
Draft Business Plan and Budget
The draft business plan and budget was passed ready for public consultation.
Brownhill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project
Council approved the new time table suggested by the Stormwater Management Authority for implementing this program, noting that the City of Mitcham have also endorsed it.