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In my short time on Council I have learnt much about costs that Councils must bear that you and I (their ratepayers) pay for but for which we get little value (if any). We also have to consult on so much, including on areas of little or no concern to ratepayers.

I have just learnt of another one as we negotiate new lease for three (just three of our sporting groups using our facilities).

The Local Government Act requires us to undertake public consultation whenever a sports club lease renewal is due.

Three such lease came before us last Monday night; the leases of

Sturt District Cricket Club (which uses Unley Oval),
the Goodwood Saints Football Club (Goodwood Oval), and
 and Forestville Hockey Club (Goodwood Oval).

We approved rises in all three leases, meaning that the clubs will have to find an extra $73, $60 and $54 a year respectively, sums which the lessees accepted. That is an extra $ 187.00 per annum increase in lease revenue.

But to set this in process we have to go to you to get your feedback. I wonder what it is going to cost us to comply with this legislative requirement, remembering we have a whole range of clubs using our facilities whose leases will need to be reviewed sooner or later; and back out we will go.

It is things like this that make me wonder, when the usual complaints come up in about three months about rate increases.

And you know what. Not many of you, if any will submit a representation on any of the leases even though you have the opportunity. And of course if the trend continues when we go to you in June or thereabouts on the next rate increase we might have 3 representations. We had 2 last year, up from 1 the year before.