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After a powerful engagement with our community last calendar year and much work by our management, staff and of course the elected members we have now approved our new 4 year plan at last nights council meeting.

This is an extension of the Community plan 2033 endorsed in January of this year. It has evolved from the Community of Possibilities, a project being used as a model by Councils Australia wide for their strategic planning.

This plan will guide our administration and assist them in undertaking activity that is aligned to the 2033 Community Plan. It will also guide Council decisions and future Annual plans.

For those of you who don’t remember the Community plan was derived around 4 key initiatives

Goal 1   Emerging…Our path to a Future City
Goal 2   Living…Our path to a Vibrant City
Goal 3   Moving…Our path to an Accessible City
Goal 4   Greening…Our path to a Sustainable City

The 4 Year Plan will be posted soon (if not already) on our website for your edification.