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The 2014 Election draws to a close with counting to commence tomorrow. Jennie & I, and our Mayor Lachlan, are waiting patiently to find out who will be joining us on the next term of Council.

We wonder how many newbies there will be, at least two due to retirements.

As frenetic as the last term of Council was the next term will see us progress a number of strategies that have been on the drawing boards for some time as we position ourselves to give this little city of our the best chance of being the City of choice to live, work and play.

To welcome this new term in I have changed my website to make it cleaner and neater, to provide a better read for you. I have also created a Facebook page to keep you up to date with what is happening.

My plan is to use Facebook as the medium for keeping you up to date quickly and efficiently and to use the website for the opportunity to explore issues, provide opinion etc. All blogs on the website will be shared by Facebook so liking my Facebook Page may be the more convenient way to keep in touch with the goings on in Clarence Park Ward and the City of Unley.

The choice is yours. If you want to like me on Facebook follow this link.