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Cycling remains in the news courtesy of the Governments changes to the regulations. Having made observations about this last month I can now advise you that Council will soon go out to public consultation on  a new walking and cycling policy.


Bike and Ped Plan Review EM Briefing 2 November

Our current plan is now some 10 years old and is due for review. Our consultants Infraplan, have reviewed our current cycling and walking network, analysed traffic and crash data and given consideration to the introduction of the Mike Turtur and Greenways bikeways that have both appeared since the last review.


As readers of this blog would be only to aware, Unley has a fine reputation in considering our cyclists and creating safer environs for them to ride in. It is a reputation we wish to keep and to build on noting that bike riders now constitute 3.9 % of all commuting to work by our residents. Even more, 15% of Unley residents walk to work or to a public transport stop.


They have made a series of recommendations to Council for changes that elected members now have a chance to read and make observation on before presenting back to Council for further consideration. The recently formed Unley Bicycle Users Group (UBUG) have already been consulted and have endorsed in principle the plan being put to us. At that time we will endorse a public consultation program to gain your feed back before approving or otherwise the new plan.


The plan makes a number of important observations including modifying actions already implemented and introducing new ones. It has identified a number of key safety deficiencies.


The plan has then made a number of suggestions on how we might improve the netwrok including

aFilling in the missing links

a Continue traffic calming

a Improving road crossings

a Improving Lighting


Improving way finding, something that we have been working on rectifying at the East Avenue/Canterbury Terrace, Cromer Parade rail intersection.


There is NO observations in this plan regarding the government’s recent regulation changes. This has onlu just been dumped on us as you know whereas the report has been the result of research over the best part of this year.


Watch out for your opportunity, which I expect may be not before the new year.