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HOMEOWNERS face a possible double-blow from massiverises in the State Government’s Emergency Services Levy as councils consider raising rates to cover their own increased bills. This is the headline in our local media as they question possible rate rises to cover the impost on Council of the massive hike in the Emergency Service levies on Councils.

The article if you missed it can be found here.

What the media have been pointing out i that householders don’t pay for the emergency services levy just once. They pay over and over again as their kids schools get hit, their local sporting club gets hit and wait for it, their Council gets hit.

As much as we all don’t like the ever increasing tax burden let us not get overly stressed at the possible double tax blow on the Emergency Services levy. The City of Unley for instance will have to find an extra $ 29,000.00 this year. Given we have around 18,000 assessable properties this will mean $ 1.60 of your rates will go to funding this.

We will have to find this of course out of other areas of budgeted expenditure. I have every confidence that our administration will do this without causing an obvious lowering of the services we provide.