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Further to previous advice regarding the draft DPA 3A, it is confirmed the commencement of next round of public consultation will commence next Tuesday, the 4 December 2012, with notices to appear in the print media (including the Eastern Courier).  Advice in the Eastern Courier will be repeated during the consultation period.
The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) are coordinating the release of a package of similar inner metro rim Council and Ministerial DPAs, including a link to a DPTI web-site to explain the broader context.  The minimum 8 week consultation period will be extended with a closing date for submissions on the 22 February 2013.  A public hearing for representors will be held by Council on the 18 March 2013.
There will be information on our web-site (Have Your Say) including the DPA, an explanatory brochure, a fact sheet about the new zone, background documents and community forums will be held on the 31 January and 3 February 2013, in accord with the engagement plan approved by Council in February 2012. 
This is your final chance to have input into the planned changes to the Development Plan.