Councillor Don Palmer Providing Local Leadership & Working for You

As many of you would know Jennie & I have been out door knocking to make sure you, who are affected by the Development Plan Amendment you were notified about from Council in writing recently, know what it means to you it is important you do.

This is a big task and we implore you to check it out for yourself and check with us about concerns you may have. We cannot guarantee we will get to all of you. We will be back out this afternoon, starting in about an hours time.

If you live west of East Avenue 
YOU ARE AFFECTED —- in one way or another.

Most properties will be prone to being able to be redeveloped with a higher density of living (some quite significantly), all to help Unley meet the Governments demands for an extra 10,000 people to be accommodated over the next 30 years. Your street may be one of the affected streets.

You can make a difference if you have concerns. This can only happen however if you first take the opportunity to understand what the amendment proposes and subsequently what potential redevelopment could occur in your street. Your understanding of the amenity of your street could possibly inform the final solution that Council puts to the Government.

We are after your written submissions and for those who do and wish to reinforce their submission they can speak at a public forum.
The submissions must have merit and have a logical argument to them, rather than you simply claiming you are picking on us because we are seen as easy picking, or we are the poor part of Unley why not pick on the rich.
Make no mistake that submissions cannot simply be back off and get out of our street because the Government will be only too happy to step in and finish it for us — and you will not be happy with the result. I have taken the opportunity to find out that the Government Department (DPTI) at their end have argued loudly for more than we are currently offering them but that they have (thankfully) made some concessions already.
More are possible if we can demonstrate that changes to where some zones start or finish are not going to impact on their numbers much.