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As the consultation report for DPA2 is being prepared for Council I cant help but recall that amongst the well reasoned debate against the plan were a number of insinuations that the Government was doing this purely to provide profits for Developers.

I could not help, being a building inspector (and past builder), but be bemused therefore when reading an article in the current edition of the HIA’s Building news magazine. The HIA, or the Housing Industry Association represents the very organisations that people think will benefit from such rezoning.

As a member of the building industry I know only too well what the industry is capable of and what they can take advantage of verses what will challenge them. It has been my belief that the Government,s 30 year plan is not the panacea that some might think for the building industry.

I have written a post on my business blog site on this very topic, quoting the HIA as they disagree with the Government’s analysis that there is a cost benefit in Infill Development when compared to Greenfields Development.

Nothing could be further from the truth as my post recognizes.

Watch this space as I raise other issues that Council will need to consider when it comes before them.